Aaron Campbell aka Proteus has taken the open source approach to creating hip hop, as opposed to the conspicuous consumer / materialistic luxury image of commercial mainstream hip hop. He’s uploaded a bunch of raps to his Altered Beats website. In his own words, “some of them suck but if your a IDM / breakcore human then you should be able to make anything sound good so go fucking nuts.”

On a separate page he invites musicians along a certain branch of the the IDM / breakcore vein, ie:

I am looking for IDM, Breakcore, Alien Gabber, BastardRave, ‘Techno Animal like’ industro-funk, goth hop, neo-break speedcore ~post apocalyptic ~ NuBreakcore `mosh-pit in hell’ style mutant hip-hop, absurd & doppelganger jungle, RaggaCore, cool fun hyperactive digi-grind ( digital grindcore ) not digital grindcore that is like some of vytear’s more heavy tracks …like HOLY SHIT I AM HANDS DOWN THE MOST INSANE HUMAN TO EVER WALK THE EARTH DIGITAL GRINDCORE

to use his raps in their work. So if you need some crazy dude screaming rhymes over your music, Aaron Campbell’s got you covered.

“The open-source MC”

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This post was written by Liz on March 26, 2009
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